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Money Money Everywhere – Just Not for You

This is the craziness of today’s seed round requirements in a nutshell.  There’s plenty of money available, with “Valuations for venture-backed companies doubled over last year to an average of $100m,” according to Pitchbook.  And yet. Almost... read more

Fix Bugs Not Customer Complaints!

Yeah, we have all been there – fixing a bug in production. Especially in these says of #lean #startup and #mvp philosophies. Don’t forget to #test before #production!  ... read more

Intellectual Property is NOT competitive advantage

Having started (or tried to start or participated in trying to start) 20 projects over the past 10 years, I’m glad to see evolution of thinking in the #VC mindset.  So it’s good to see defensibility being added as a general category. A lot of #investors... read more

It is all about the team

When evaluating potential for success of any project – whether it’s a huge corporate program or a strapping young startup – one of the key questions is always about the composition of the team. Right people can figure out a way forward even in the... read more

Hashtag (Big)DataProblems

This blog post came across our feed this morning. https://medium.com/dima-korolev/the-five-stages-of-data-modeling-5cdcf8dcff5b It’s witty and unfortunately true. Data dictionary and a business concept model are cornerstones of our delivery methodology. ... read more

Do investors discriminate?

Whether it’s men, women, minorities, married people, single people, everyone feels discriminated against when they get passed over on funding.  Some of it is due to the issues I outlined in “Whence, Angels” post from last week.  Some of... read more

Whence, Angels?

As you’ve read over past couple of years, we’ve started investing in a hybrid Angel/VC model.  Lots of risk, lots of upside, and lots of fun new things to learn.  Applying Capability Driven Methods to management from the start has been both fun... read more

Stupid Shark Tank Tricks

ABC’s Shark Tank is something that I watch on a regular basis.  But I confess:  I haven’t bought a single product featured on Shark Tank.  I have seen very few products and ideas that I’d be interested in.  Fun to watch –... read more
Evolution of VC Models, Part 2

Evolution of VC Models, Part 2

If there’s one unassailable maxim in start up investing, it is that one invests in team first, everything else second.  One of the major points of vetting a potential team is whether they’ve been through the start up cycle before, with more credence given... read more

Platform Building Thoughts

Ran across a post from someone who is pondering platform building.  As someone who has been building platforms for a while, I figured I should provide some feedback! There are very few standards in this area.  Few can even agree on what a... read more