Advisory Services

As SenseAgility’s consulting branch, Advisory Services offers much more than traditional consulting services. This is because we have your capability in mind. When conducting Architectural assessments most consultants will start with IT and work their way to the business. We do the opposite. Starting with the Business Operating Model and understanding your objectives, we can then ensure your IT assets are providing the right capabilities to support the business. Through this process we often will find excess spend through overlapping resources and technology assets.

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When delivering a large initiative, often the build and deployment teams are either all from the software provider or fragmented with multiple vendors. As these efforts can run in the hundreds of millions of dollars, who is there to ensure you get what you paid for and will realize the benefit outlined to justify the effort? As the industry is recognizing quickly, an independent entity that sides with the customer is the best way to mitigate risk.

SenseAgility has been providing Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V) services since 2009. Our consultants and proven methodology assess the initiative from a Technical (Am I getting the right solution?), Program (Are they delivering in the most effective way?) and Financial (Am I on budget and will I get the benefit I intended?) perspectives. This level and range of understanding provides the customer with the capability to make thoroughly informed decisions and keep the vendors in check.

Call them Incubators or Accelerators, there seems to be one popping up in every municipality. With the intent to attract business and resulting residents, cities are building facilities intent on helping small startups succeed. But are they? Often, they are just structures providing basic services like office space, a network and printing. Who determines what companies can participate in the program?, How is that determined? How will the facility promote collaboration between the participants? How will the community know the value?

At SenseAgility, we understand it takes more than just real estate and a few services to build an effective Incubator. Through our proven due diligence process, we can provide you with the capability to establish an Advisory Board that can confidently select the right participants through a comprehensive evaluation.


With checkpoints prior to participation, during build and before going to market, your advisory board will have the capability to ensure the right startups make it to market.


Organization Wide

SenseAgility’s approach to technology strategy is effective and accurate thanks to integration of capability-based thinking into the traditional processes. Our clients get a strategic plan that is both fully executable and living.

Major Transformation

We assess the compatibility between businesses’ perspective Operating Models ensuring that all gaps and synergies are identified before capital is invested. This provides a clear picture of your investment risk so you may proceed confidently.

Venture Evaluation

With a growing number of new ventures comes increased opportunity. Determining the right investment requires evaluation beyond just the idea.

  • Is there a market?
  • Is it technically and financially feasible?
  • Is the team capable and committed?
  • What gaps need to be closed to make it successful?
  • Is this a prudent investment?

Whether you are an investor or an Incubator, implementing a proven and consistent evaluation process if critical to increasing the probability of success. This is where we come in. Since 2009 we have successfully vetted and supported a host of new ventures from Ideas to established and thriving businesses.

Annual Planning Optimization

Reducing cycle times for annual planning is becoming critical. Looking at annual planning activities as an organizational process allows us to improve traceability of investments to outcomes, simplifying initiative selection. Ongoing process tracking enables our clients to make quick and effective course corrections as market conditions change.

Integration Planning

We assess the desired capability portfolio(s) on both sides of the deal to discover gaps and synergies between the chosen operating models, associated goals, and existing services and processes. The resulting deliverables are quickly assembled into an actionable and precise integration plan.


Initiative Sanity Checks

Global sourcing of solutions to multiple partners has created a conundrum – how to assure the overall solution integrity. As each partner builds their piece of the solution to their specification, we provide facilitation and overall solution oversight to ensure that our clients don’t get caught by surprise when the various parts are fit together.

Initiative Due Diligence

We provide an impartial assessment of your organization’s major initiatives, such as Business Process Management (BPM), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Master Data Management (MDM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Case Management, within the context of your business operating model. These assessments include financial, technology, risk, as well as organizational perspectives with concrete recommendations on possible reallocation of investment.

Requirements Assurance

We assess the compatibility between businesses’ perspective Operating Models ensuring that all gaps and synergies are identified before capital is invested. This provides immediate investment risk mitigation for private equity firms and venture capitalists.

Design Assurance

We provide and independent assessment of the integration plan vis-a-vis current status and work diligently to preserve transaction value through remediation strategies and execution of recovery efforts.

Quality Assurance

A standardized Quality Assurance Center of Excellence improves quality and efficiency of any QA organization. Our CoE enabling services helps your organization build the foundation and processes you need to ensure an efficient testing services practice.

Our proven playbook enables your organization and its members to focus on business critical issues rather than being overwhelmed with unfocused activities. Out of the box templates ensure all testing activities are documented in a consistent manner improving consumption of the material. This improves the quality of decision making in quality assurance related matters and empowers leaders to make informed decisions quickly.


Business Process Management

Business Process Management has been a very hot buzzword. Our teams have been managing and building BPM implementations for organizations large and small. We’ve created a BPM Playbook that links process analysis and design with the underlying tool implementations. These implementations are now running on the cloud, on-premise, and in hybrid environments.

Service Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Approach (not Architecture!) is not new. It has its roots in Corba back in the 1980’s. Nor is it a panacea – there are many software design patterns that would not benefit from SOA. We’ve designed and deployed thousands of SOA services over the years in multiple industries, and shared our war stories at events such as Gartner EA / AADI, IBM Impact, Troux World, and others.

Master Data Management

Whether you want to discover new consumer segments, leverage insightful behaviors, implement a new performance management methodology or gain visibility into how your business runs. Leveraging the value data provides can be one of the most impactful initiatives your firm undertakes.

It isn’t a quick and easy journey though. It can be expensive, complex and many companies find that they aren’t able to get the ROI they intended. This is where we can help!

We offer a wide range of services to help you wherever you are in your evolution. Whether it’s standing up a Quality and Governance process, constructing a new platform, integrating an existing one, developing a data procurement strategy or helping you apply the data you have to ensure you get value out of it, we can help.


Integration Platforms

Over the past 20 years, we have implemented just about every integration platform under the sun, from custom to mega-vendors, to Open Source, to smaller vendors. Our Integration Playbook recognizes that implementation is not the end – it is just the beginning of operations. So our implementations layer in patterns that allow platforms to be scalable, supportable, and hot-swappable. These support functional deployments with Workflow, Web Services, Message Queuing, and Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) paradigms.

Automated Quality Assurance

Effective and thorough testing of software systems is typically compromised as organizations rush to get their products to market. Test automation increases test coverage and decreases the amount of time needed for test execution thus improving the quality of software systems deployed to production environments.
Through a dynamic and robust Quality Assurance Automation Framework, we enable your organization to:

  • Manage defined regression test suites
  • Ensure consistent test execution and results
  • Decrease the time needed to complete true Quality Assurance cycles with improved quality
  • Decrease the cost of testing for projects
  • Provide a repeatable framework with reliable results