Be Capable

What does it mean to be capable? With the steady advancement in technology and the innovative ways it has been applied, come new ways of doing things. Today’s competitive landscape dictates that you possess an inventory of capabilities that enable you to cultivate great ideas, run an optimal business and grow market share. Capability-based thinking is core to what we do and how we think. Our services and methodologies are designed with this in mind.



Maybe you need to align your assets to business goals to exploit your internal capabilities, or reduce excess spend by eliminating irrelevant assets and labor overlap, we can Identify and fill the gaps.


Maybe you are facing an enterprise scale initiative requiring multiple vendors and you need the capability to independently validate their work to stay on track from a delivery and financial perspective. We deliver this capability through our IV&V services providing you full transparency and decision-grade information.


Maybe you are an investor and you need the capability to evaluate, justify and audit a new venture opportunity, or it is funded and you need to get it off the ground. We have provided a host of new startups capabilities like Marketing, HR, Legal, Operations and Technology.

Regardless of where your organization is in its lifecycle, we can provide you the capability to succeed!

Our Perspectives

Business Lens

Understanding your Business Operating Model is paramount when ensuring alignment within your organization. What kind of business you are will drive the IT priorities, the level of standardization and integration necessary to be effective. Maybe you are in retail and want to replicate store fronts. This model requires a focus on standardization. Maybe you provide financial services custom to each market you operate. This model requires a focus on integration. Whether we are performing a Capability Based Business Architectural assessment or, providing Program, Technical and Financial Oversight to major initiatives, these are the first things we ask.

Once we understand the Business Operating Model, we execute a proven methodology to ensure that everything aligns correctly.

We provide an impartial assessment of your organization’s Key Goals and Objectives and understand your Business Operating Model to determine BPM investments within the context of your business operating model. These assessments include financial, technological, risk, as well as organizational perspectives. Identify possible reallocation of BPM investments. BPM Sanity Check addresses the following challenges:

Financial Lens

Whether undertaking a new initiative or evaluating an investment opportunity, understanding the financial picture is key. Otherwise why are you in business? We conduct thorough financial reviews at every phase of an initiative to ensure you achieve the return you expect.

At SenseAgility we evaluate the financial condition at three key checkpoints. The first checkpoint is prior to investment. Whether it is a new venture, investment opportunity or major initiative on its way to the steering committee, we will conduct a thorough evaluation and determine what it will take to execute. We will look at the risk and determine the potential ROI. We have built comprehensive business plans and value propositions outlining the benefit profiles, aligning with operating budgets and help companies gain consensus and get funded.

The second checkpoint is during the build phase. Costs can quickly spiral out of control if not closely watched. We will track your burn rates and deliverables to not only keep costs in check, but ensure that decisions are not being made that may reduce the intended benefit.

Finally, we will audit once delivered. We will analyze the original benefit profiles brought forth during the justification and measure the results. This process proves invaluable in phased implementations where funding comes in cycles as each iteration is delivered.

Technical Lens

When conducting a technical assessment, you need to not only have the expertise, but also understand how the solution will align with the goals of the company. If you are in Retail you are likely looking for standardization as you build your outlets. If you are a Services company, you are going to look for shared resources and services that all functions can share.

It is because of this reason that you need to have a partner that understands your business ahead of any design work. At SenseAgility, we have conducted Architectural assessments and designed integration plans that keep the Business Operating Model at the forefront.

Since 2009, SenseAgility has been brought in to lend a technical perspective to solutions yet to be built and corrected those that were poorly designed. We have delivered our assessments, corrected design and roadmaps to get it in place.

Venture Support

At SenseAgility, we understand it takes more than just real estate and a few services to build an effective Incubator. Through our proven due diligence process, we can provide you with the capability to establish an Advisory Board that can confidently select the right participants through a comprehensive evaluation.

Advisory Service

SenseAgility offers much more than traditional consulting services. This is because we have your capability in mind. We start with your Business Operating Model and understanding your objectives, we can then ensure your IT assets are providing the right capabilities to support the business. Through this process we often will find excess spend through overlapping resources and technology assets.